The International Association of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners is an association of committed professional practitioners. Professionals displaying our seal confirm that they specialize in Hypnotherapy and/or Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have been extensively trained by competent qualified organizations in these protocols.

We believe that Hypnotherapy and NLP, when practiced by a skilled professional practitioner, are more effective in resolving most of the kind of emotional and behavioral issues confronting most people than traditional talk therapy or prescription drugs. Obviously, this does not apply to the various forms of severe mental illness which require treatment and even medication administered by a Psychiatrist or other medical professional.

Accordingly, the IAHNLP is an organization for practitioners who utilize Hypnotherapy and/or NLP as their primary method of working with their clients. We believe it’s important to make the distinction between some mental health professionals who offer or incorporate hypnosis or some NLP techniques as a minor part of their therapeutic practice but still focus on other protocols for the majority of their practice.

We believe a client wanting to get the most benefit out of their time with a Hypnotherapist or an NLP Practitioner will do so by working with a professional who specializes in these therapeutic modalities.

To become a member of the International Association of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners an applicant:

  • Has successfully completed in-person training from a recognized training organization in Hypnotherapy and/or Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has been recognized and certified by that organization as being qualified to practice as a Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner.
  • Has established a professional practice individually or with a group and the applicant certifies that Hypnotherapy and/or NLP are primary protocols of that practice. Practices can have a therapeutic or coaching focus but must be clearly indicated which approach is being used.
  • Agrees to participating in a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education each year or demonstrate a commitment to advancing ones profession is some alternate way such as providing trainings or researching, writing and publishing substantive articles which can help advance the abilities of others within the profession.